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How To Do The Best Vape Tricks With Smoke

The Different Vape Tricks You Could Perform

Tricks with tobacco products have been around for decades and are one of the ways that smoking was made to be fun. With the advent of vaporizers, many people believed that the time of tricks was over. This is not true as there are a number of different vape tricks that you can perform to make using your vaporizer fun.

The Ghost Hit Vape Trick

One of the tricks that beginners can perform is the ghost hit which is also known as a snap inhale or the mushroom cloud. The trick involves the releasing of a ball of vapor and then snapping it back. This is considered one of the easiest of the vaping tricks to complete.

To do this you will need to take a long drag on the vaporizer and let the vapor linger in the mouth for a few seconds. You will then push the vapor out of your mouth in a ball then quickly inhale it back again. It is important that you exhale all of the vapor for this trick to work.

The Dragon Vape Trick

Another beginner vape trick is the dragon and it is also very easy to master. The trick has you blowing vapor out of your mouth and nose at the same time making you look like a dragon. It is considered an impressive trick that is also easy to complete.

You will need to take a long draw on your vaporizer without inhaling. Once your mouth is full of vapor you need to forcefully exhale through each side of your mouth as well as your nose. The hardest part is exhaling hard enough to get the full effect of the track.

The Tornado Vape Trick

The tornado is an intermediate vapor trick which involves the whipping of vapor into a tornado shape. Unlike the beginner vape tricks, this one could take a bit of time to master. You will need to have a flat surface available to complete this trick.

To start you will need to carefully exhale some vapor onto your flat surface. The vapor needs to be as thick as possible and still. You can then use your hand to chop the surface then flick your wrist and lift your arm. This all needs to be a single swift movement that will convert the still vapor into a tight twisting spiral.

Smoke Rings Vape Trick

One of the staples when it comes to smoking tricks is smoke rings and this can be done with vapor as well. Being able to blow smoke rings will allow you to complete some of the more advanced tricks available. While this is a relatively common trick, it can take time to perfect.

You need to draw on the vaporizer and inhale the vapor into your throat. You should then keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and toward the back of the throat. Form an O shape with your mouth and then push a small amount of vapor out using the throat. The shape of your mouth will affect the size of the rings that you make.

The Jellyfish Vape Trick

One of the advanced tricks that you can learn is the Jellyfish. This vape trick involves blowing a small ring through the center of a larger ring and having them combine to make a jellyfish or a mushroom cloud. This is a difficult trick to master and will require time to practice and perfect.

You will need to blow a large smoke ring then immediately place your hand behind it and push slightly to slow its movement. You can then blow a smaller ring into the center of the larger ring. This smaller ring will draw the larger one around it to make the shape of a jellyfish.

How Vaping Is Helping Many People Quit Smoking And Reduce Their Cancer Risks

Despite what you might think about heroin and morphine, the most difficult addiction to kick is actually the nicotine that comes in cigarettes. They also have several other addictive qualities like the flavor, smoke, the smoking action, and a variety of other chemicals as well. Smoking has killed far more people that any wars, diseases or famines that have ever happened since the beginning of time. Now, however, there is vaping, an electronic way to smoke and slowly eliminate the nicotine a tiny percentage at a time. It’s not perfect, but it seems to be helping a lot of people right now.

Vaping Can Reduce The Cancer Causing Chemicals Significantly

Of course, there are many different flavors available when you vape, well into the hundreds, and each one can have its own chemical composition. However, the main cancer causing ingredients in tobacco cigarettes can nearly be eliminated by switching to an eCigarette instead. You can still buy the e-liquids that contain the tobacco flavor or juice, but there are many alternatives that don’t contain those carcinogens at all.

The final, most addictive ingredient is the nicotine. You can have special blends made for you, or you can mix them yourself, that have gradually less nicotine in order to wean yourself off. It’s one of the most effective ways to quit smoking that there is and it’s actually cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

If Cigarettes Are Putting You In The Poor House Vaping Can Help

There is a certain start up cost to vaping that can’t be avoided, but if you’re buying cigarettes, you should have no problem buying your first eCigarette. They come in several different sizes, styles, and shapes, if you have a friend that uses one, check theirs out for comfort and fit.

The cost of your e-juice will be your primary expense once you’ve bought your eCigarette and it will run you about half or less than smoking tobacco. If you’re a heavy smoker, more than a pack a day, you’ll save even more since the e-juice is cheaper in larger quantities and so far, the states haven’t figured out how to tax it. If you want to save even more, you can start buying your e-juice online in concentrates and mix it yourself for a huge savings, almost 75% or more. So the savings is there if you want to do a little extra work.

When you take into consideration the time you spend per day, week, month and year getting in your car and heading to the market just to buy packs of cigarettes it’s impossible to know how much it really costs you. Of course, the real savings comes from not dying an early death or spending your retirement breathing from an oxygen tank from all the years you spent smoking tobacco.

Are There Hidden Dangers? Of Course, There Are, But

Right now the dangers of vaping are somewhat controversial, but if you compare them to tobacco cigarettes you’ll find there is no comparison. Many of the bad news stories about vaping will involve an exploding battery or a new chemical that’s not as safe as was once thought. These are minor distractions since the alternative for most people is to return to cigarette smoking, and they’re a clear danger to your health.

Another group of critics will focus on the teenagers that start at a young age and endanger their health that way. Well, sure, it’s bad for them, but if they were to smoke cigarettes it would be worse. It all depends on what the alternatives are whether you’re saving a life or taking one.

The bottom line with vaping is this, if you smoke now, you can’t possibly go wrong by changing to an eCigarette. If you don’t smoke but start vaping instead, you’re still not hurting your health anywhere close to as bad as if you smoked a cigarette. So, whatever your opinion is about vaping, the alternative is far, far worse.